Welcome to, your one source for Cellular, GPS, PDA, and communications vehicular mounting solutions.  We take pride in offering you one of the most comprehensive and extensive inventories of custom Cellular mounting solutions available.

Why so many different mounts?

Note that in many cases there may be more than one search result for your particular vehicle. utilizes several sources in order to provide a broad selection of custom mounts, which often yields several choices for many vehicles.  The keys to discerning the differences are clicking on the Info/Buy link, seeing the pictures, and reading the notes.  Look for differences in dash mounting locations and be mindful of any notes regarding special situations or exceptions.  Use this information to help in making your final decision.

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Why do some year models overlap?
Vehicle manufacturers will at times change a vehicle in mid-year.  The result is the existence of two entirely different vehicles during the same model year.  A good example of this is Chevrolet / GMC pickup trucks and SUVs.  So please take time to view the list thoroughly and check all applicable notes.

Do I have to Modify my dash?
Most of the mounting solutions we offer are designed specifically for the make and model of your vehicle so you can be assured of a perfect fit.  Furthermore, in most cases these mounts are secured with existing hardware.  This means when your vehicle lease is up or its time to trade, there will be no unsightly screw holes to deal with when the mount is removed.

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Can I install it myself?
Most installations require front dash panel removal. Installation is similar to that of an aftermarket stereo unit.  Common hand tools (i.e. screwdriver, wrench set, etc) are usually all that are required.  Sometimes  special radio removal tools are needed on some Ford or European radios.  If you need professional installation, ask your cellular provider for the name of a local installer, or visit a car stereo shop.

Are these sturdy?
Being made of heavy gauge steel and, in most cases, black powder coated, all of the mounts are secure, unobtrusive, and have a professional appearance unlike the cheap plastic clip-on or stick-on devices that have become so prevalent.  So grab a shopping cart and search our database.  With 1000+ different mounts in stock, we probably have a solution for you.

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What is N/A search result?
If your search yields an N/A result, this indicates that there is not a custom cellular mount available for your particular vehicle or vehicle model year.  If your vehicle is over 5 years old, it is likely that there will never be a custom cellular mount made for it.  Searches on newer vehicles with N/A results may have an application under development.  Please check back every week.  Our database is updated several times a week.

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